Less known history

Here on this site we are going to present less known or forgotten facts of Polish and European history . History which sometimes is untold on purpose and is not popular for some political reasons. History which should be told because we are owning it to those who fought for freedom and justice even if that was not always understood and welcomed.

Witold Pilecki - Double life of Auschwitz volunteer who uncovered Holocaust

"The doomed soldiers" Anti-Comunist armed underground in Poland  1944-1963 - The untold story

The entrance of the Red Army on Polish territory in January 1944 brought neither freedom nor peace. After the initial period of collaboration with the detachments of the Home Army (AK pol. Armia Krajowa), the NKVD began to arrest officers while the regular AK soldiers were being forcibly conscripted into the Berling's Army. In order to pulverize the impetuous of the society, the extermination of intelligentsia went into a full swing. Despite that, the resistance movement, even though weakened, remained faithfully guarding of Poland's sovereignty. Right from the outset of this Soviet domination the resistance undertook a form of an Armed Anticommunist Insurrection which lasted until the end of 1940's - and in certain regions of Poland even longer.  read more


[...] We are by no means a gang of bandits, as we are called by the traitors and villainous sons of our motherland. We are men of Polish cities and villages. [...] We want for Poland to be governed by the Poles who are faithful to her, and chosen by the entire nation; for there are among us those who can't speak, out of fear of UB and the clique of the Soviet officers who are on the lookout. Therefore, we declared a fight to the death against those who - in return for money, decorations, or appointments from Soviet hands - are slaughtering the best of Poles, who demand freedom and justice. Major "Lupaszka"   read more