Chef's Lunch - just £6.50 !!!

Chef's Lunch - just £6.50 !!!

Served from 12:00 until 15:00

Tuesday 12th of December

Pan-fried pork schnitzel served with fried egg on top, mashed potatoes and white cabbage salad

Wednesday 13th of December

Beef goulash served with buckwheat and soured cucumbers

Thursday 14th of December

Baked pork neck loin in own gravy sauce served with mashed potatoes and red cabbage salad

Friday 15th of December

Potato pancakes served with mushrooms sauce and green salad

Saturday 16th of December

Pan-fried chicken breast coated in oatmeals served rice and carrot salad

In a hurry? Call us and have your lunch ready for your arrival!

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