New Beers at Polonia !

The Amber Brewery is a family, independent brewery.
With pride they continue the brewing tradition of Pomerania, in which the surroundings of Gdansk is famous since the Middle Ages.
Thanks to family passion and original, traditional recipes they create unique, regional products.
Discover real beer with us!

:: Żywe

The first Polish natural beer recommended by the Slow Food Organization, and the first one awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture the “Get to Know Good Food” sign. Not pasteurized and with no preservatives.

Ingredients: pale barley malt, bitter and aromatic hop from the Lublin region, Oligocene water from the Brewery’s own intake

Brewing Method :
bottom fermentation, long storage

Pasteurization:  no

Style:  pale lager

Color: amber

Sell-by date: 35 days  

Extract: 14,5%

Alcohol content: 6,2%


:: Johannes

Johannes is a beer with a full and mature bouquet. Its flavor is due to its long time of maturing and high level of extract.
The mild bitterness and strong malt hint makes this beer unique.
Johannes beer refers to Jan Heweliusz.
The year 2011 has been established as the year of Heweliusz in Poland.

Johannes beer is a joint initiative of the Amber Brewery and the Gdańsk History Museum

Ingredients: water, pale barley malt, bitter and aromatic hop

Brewing Method :
bottom fermentation, Traditional Brewing Method

Pasteurization: yes

Style:  pale lager

Color:  amber

Sell-by date:  180 days

Extract: 14,5%

Alcohol content: 6,5% 

:: Pszeniczniak

The new tradition. Pszeniczniak is a new product of the Amber Brewery, intended for enthusiasts of special beers and those open to new products, and at the same time for those who appreciate the taste of traditionally brewed beer. As an outstanding representative of the Hefeweizen style, Pszeniczniak is naturally cloudy.

Ingredients: water, wheat malt, barley malt, hop, yeast

Brewing Method : upper fermentation

Pasteurization:  yes

Style: wheat

Color:  light, straw

Sell-by date: 180 days

Extract: 12,1%

Alcohol content:  5,2%


:: Koźlak

The best Polish ruby color beer; in a unique bottle with painted label. The secret and pride of our brewers. Dark, magic beer!

Ingredients: water, pale and dark barley malt, hop

Brewing Method :
bottom fermentation, long storage

Pasteurization: yes

Style:  dark bock

Color: ruby

Sell-by date: 180 days 

Extract: 15,1%

Alcohol content: 6,6%