Club Statute


Polonia Club Statute

Article I

Section 1 Name

The name of this club shall be the Polonia Club, of Cambridge, UK.

Section 2 Office

The principal office of the Club in UK shall be located in the Polonia House, Cambridge 231 Chesterton Road, County of Cambridgeshire.


Article II

Section 1 Purpose

The purpose of the Club shall be:

To continue the tradition of the Polish Polonia Club operating at 231 Chesterton Rd Cambridge since 1978.

To preserve and perpetuate Polish culture that will add to the culture advantage of Cambridge.

To encourage, in a social way, all nationalities that would make for an enjoyable living.

To encourage the perpetuation of folk dancing, music, art, cuisine, folklore.

To encourage the preservation of the Polish language and customs.

To encourage assistance primarily to members, secondly to unfortunate and lonely people by giving words of cheer as well as companionship to them.

To respect and perpetuate all other culture.


Article III

Section 1 Membership

Applications for membership to persons of good moral character shall be made available to:

Polish UK citizens.

Males and females of Polish extraction.

People not of Polish extraction but related by marriage to categories A and B above.

Membership is also available to all persons of any nationality.


Section 2 Eligibility

To be eligible for acceptance into the Club, all applicants will have attained the age of 18 years and be sponsored by a member in good standing or be appointed by member of a Board of Directors.

Section 3 Membership Rights

Membership in the Club shall include all privileges entitling each member to serve in any capacity as an officer, director, committee, or other providing that such activity and service be consistent with the By Laws of the Club.

There will be no discrimination among members.

Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted for a vote of the general membership.

Members can invite a guests who are welcome to use all Club facilities.

Members are responsible for their guests.


Section 4 Dues

The membership is free of charge and of unlimited duration.


Section 5 Withdraw of membership.

The management of the Club can refuse admission and and withdraw membership from any member whose behaviour gives reason for concern.