Lunch / Dinner :
Soup - one to choose from:
- Chicken soup with noodles
- Cream of broccoli soup with croutons
- Cream of mushroom soup with  pastry  puffs
- "Kwaśnica" Highlander's sour soup 
- Old Polish potato soup
Main Course  - meat 3 to choose
- Pork Schnitzel
- Chicken cutlet DeVolaile
- Roasted pork neck loin with natural gravy sauce
- Beef stuffed with bacon, cucumber and onion with natural gravy sauce
- Chicken breast breaded
- Pork chop baked with mushrooms and cheese
-Pork Chop Cracovian with cucumber, peppers and mushrooms
-Swiss  schnitzel ( wrapped with cheese and ham)
- Escalopes of pork tenderloin
- White fish in sesame seeds 
- Cod in batter
The meats are served on platters in the middle of the table
with the accompaniment of sides (two to choose from):
-potato  puree
-potatoes  baked in herbs
-vegetables  with garlic butter
- steamed sauerkraut
- Red cabbage
- Hot Beetroot 
and salads  (three to choose from)
-sauerkraut salad
-celeriak salad
- carrot salad
- white cabbage salad
- beetroot salad
-beetroot with horseradish
- cucumber salad with sour cream and fresh dill
-pickled cucumbers
-pickled paprika and gherkins
Cold buffet  (5 dishes  to choose from)
-Cold Polish meat platter 
- Roast pork loin with prunes
- Rolls stuffed with ham, vegetable salad
-  Greek style cod
-  Chicken aspic 
- Eggs in tartar sauce
- Herring in sour cream
- Herring with sheep cheese
- "Gyros" salad
- Greek salad (feta cheese, olives, cucumber, tomato)
- Peppers, canned, pickled cucumber and pickled mushrooms
- Homemade bread with lard and pickled cucumbers
- Chicken salad  (with cheese and and pineapple and pasta )
- Polish vegetable salad 
- broccoli salad 
- chicken breast sails with prunes and bacon
- chicken breast roulade with spinach 
Hot dishes  served during the evening (choice of two from the list bellow )
- Chicken breast casserole with mushrooms and cheese
 served with potatoes roasted in herbs
 and salad of cabbage
- Beefstrogonoff with homemade bread
- Croquet  (with meat or  cabbage and mushrooms or spinach) with beetroot soup
- roast pork  neck loin with mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and salad
- Potato pancakes  with beef stew and  carrot salad
-  "Bigos" Old Polish stew with homemade bread
- Beef roulade with potato dumplings and red cabbage
- Silesian soup with sausage and potatoes
- "Gołąbki" Stuffed cabbage leaves  with tomato sauce
Platters of cakes and fruits (cheesecake, apple cake, poppy seed cake , walnut cake, almond cake)
Coffee and tea on request
Package price £ 45 per person